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Amigabit -Power-BoosterManage Computer System Resources Wisely for Supreme PC Performance!

Is your computer slowing down? Do you want your computer to run as fast as the day you bought it? PowerBooster offers computer users all of the tools they need to improve the PC system performance. This sophisticated PC tuning software can scan, analyze and optimize local disk volumes, find out and remove unnecessary, invalid or broken junk files cluttering your hard drive, defrag and clean your registry to fix and prevent system errors, reduce Windows startup time, and much more. Slow Computer Fix easily now!

Make A Quick or Customized Scan

With just one click on the Scan button, PowerBooster can run a full scan of all your drive by diving deep into every aspect of the computer’s system searching for potential issues quickly and accurately. Besides, you can customize your scan items at Care tab in Expert mode.

Ultimate Speeding Up Windows PC & Internet in Minutes

PowerBooster provides an all-in-one solution to speed up your computer:
Enjoy the New PC Feeling With Ease
Make your PC start and run faster by shutting down unnecessary background processes, cleaning up junk files, finding and removing duplicate files, removing unwanted startup programs, etc.
Keeps Your PC Running at Peak Performance
Increase the overall system performance by defraging fragmented hard drives, cleaning and repairing Windows registry, uninstalling unwanted software or programs correctly, cleaning up and managing right-click context menu easily, and much more.

Fix Multiple System Errors

PowerBooster finds and fixes a whopping number of system issues to keep your PC stable and running at peak efficiency. It’s a bit like having a doctor and cleaner permanently on hand. .
It effectively turns back the clock on worn machines by repairing the problematic Windows registry, defragmenting hard drive fragmentation, and deleting useless and duplicate files that stymie snappy performance.

Intelligent Internet Privacy Protection

Protect Your Privacy on the Internet
Completely clean internet privacy files, clean your junk files which removes duplicate documents, temporary files, Internet browser cache and history, as well as browser add-ons to protect your online privacy.
Prevent You from the Online Theft Permanently
This PC protection tool offers the ultimate protection from credit card numbers, bank details or other personal information you enter online.
    • CareScan deep into every corner of your PC searching for potential issues, finding issues quickly and accurately, and display the results in a simple, clean way. You can set up scans around your schedule at a specified day and time on selected areas or items. Just speed up your computer even during your sleep!
    • Driver BackupWork as an easy-to-use device driver backup application which can quickly locate your device drivers and backup to your hard drive, plus restore your drivers in minutes, if needed.
    • Protect PrivacyEvery time when you use your computer, like surfing on the Internet, opening a document, running software, etc., you will leave some records on your computer which enables others to easily see what you did. PowerBooster offers you ultimate online privacy protection by completely removing cookies, temporary files, Internet browser cache and history, plus credit card numbers, bank details or other personal information you enter online.
    • Memory Manager FREERAM (random access memory) is used to temporarily store data and files to make your PC perform smoothly and effectively. Most computer users know the necessary to defragment their hard drives, but seldom know they also need defrag their installed RAM. This easy to use Memory Manager utility enables you to defrag RAM with only 1 click quickly to boost your computer performance!
    • Startup Manager FREEAllow you to monitor, add, remove, enable and/or disable individual startup items. You can also adjust applications initialized during the loading process of the operating system. Make your PC startup faster!
    • Uninstall Manager FREEWant to uninstall unwanted programs in a safe way? The Uninstall Manager lets you see all programs installed on your computer, help you identify programs that are rarely or never used, and remove any of them quickly and easily, freeing disk space and speeding startup.
    • Process Manager FREEGive you a control on your computer to see all running processes, identify, deactivate, activate and monitor all processes in one place. Kill unnecessary or unwanted running processes with one-click.
    • Shutdown Scheduler FREEHow can I get my machine to shut down (turn off) at a certain time in the night after downloading my big-sized movie online? The answer is you need some Shutdown Scheduler application. Shutdown Scheduler not only enables you to schedule computer to shut down at a certain time every day or at specified time like 1 minute, 10 minutes, 20 minutes, or 30 minutes later, but also schedule to restart your computer at a specified time.
    • Disk Defragmenter FREERe-align the file system for better hard drive performance. It defragments files on your disks, so that they can be read and written faster. This greatly improves applications response time, system boot speed and overall computer performance. It is fast and can defrag a single disk as well as multi-terabyte drives.
    • Disk Cleaner FREEWith over time and every use of your computer, more and more system clutter and junk files are saved in your hard drives, greatly wasting your disk space and slowing down your computer. This Disk Cleaner can quickly scan, find and wipe away all tracks of your Internet and computer activities such as temporary files, history, cookies and autocomplete form history, Windows junk files to free up your hard disk space and speed up slow computer.
    • Disk Check FREEThoroughly scan your computer hard disks, check for disk problems like bad sectors, lost clusters and directory errors. With Disk Check, you can fix all related disk errors to solve some computer problems and improve the PC performance. Click “Check” to seek into your selected disks, and then click “Repair” to fix the disk problems. You’d better to do a backup on all your important files and data to prevent them from being lost.
    • Registry CleanerGot a sluggish PC, or PC crashes suddenly? One effective way to make your PC in peak performance is to keep its Registry clean and error-free. This Registry Cleaner is your best option by checking ActiveX/Com components, software paths, application paths, shared DLLS, the Start Menu, etc. and fix all Registry errors completely.
    • Registry DefragDisk fragmentation may be the cause for computer slowdown, crashes, freezing, slow startup and shutdown, or even system failure. This Registry Defrag utility can analyze, defrag, and optimize your Windows Registry by reducing registry fragmentation, slack spaces and structural defects. So you’ll get a compact and well-organized registry to keep your hard drives working at impressive speed.
    • Context Menu FixerIf you find your right-click is slow after using your computer for a long time, managing or optimizing the Context Menu elements is a good solution. This easy to use Context Menu Fixer is designed to remove or deactivate several context menu entries categorized by Folder Items, File Items, Driver Items, New Items and IE Items.
    • Shortcut Cleaner FREEUsually, the broken or invalid shortcuts on your computer may waste your time during PC use. Now, try this smart, simple, fast and effective shortcut cleaner software to clean up unused shortcuts on the desktop!
    • Undelete Deleted Files FREEYou may lose some useful files by accidentally deleting from your computer, or by a sudden system error, hard drive format, virus infection or unexpected software failure. How to get the deleted files back? Here we show you the most effective deleted file recovery program to get your data back in seconds!
    • Unlock Locked Files FREESometimes, you may be denied to edit or delete some files which shows the files is locked by some processes or the system. It is very annoying especially when you donot know why. PowerBooster offers you this useful feature to let you unlock any locked file with ease!
    • File Shredder FREEIf you delete some important or top-secret files from your computer, and even empty your Recycle Bin, it does not mean you have removed these files absolutely. Some so-called file recovery applications can be used by others to “take back” and view your deleted files easily. File Shredder is what you need. It can shred or destroy the files you unwant beyond recovery, greatly protecting your privacy and PC safety!
    • File Encryption FREEWork as the best file encryption software, which is designed to preserve data security from unauthorized viewing by encrypting files or documents on hard drive as easily as ABC. It requires relatively few computing resources and little time to encrypt files. Encrypt files in seconds. In addition, it also decrypts the encrypted files easily and fast!
    • Cloned File FinderDuring overtime use of computer, you may have many “cloned” files on your hard drives, for example, you may download the same file and save into different folders at different time. To increase the free space of your hard drives, you need some Cloned file finder software to scan, detect and delete all these cloned or duplicated files in your computer. You come to the right place! The Cloned File Finder feature in PowerBooster offers a fast and secure way to find out and remove all duplicated files (sorted by name or content) in seconds!
    • File Splitter FREE Looking for some way to split a really large file like video, movie, music song into small files so that you can move them onto other devices for enjoyments on the go? Use this file splitter to split a large file into multiple smaller pieces now! Sharing files has never been easier! With one click, you can re-join the split files into the original.
    • Empty Folder Finder FREE During your continuously installing and uninstalling programs on your computer, you have kept lots of empty folders and other junk files onto your hard drive. To manage and remove these empty folders is an effective way to make your hard drive faster. This easy to use Empty Folder Finder can find and delete all empty folders or subfolders on your computer quickly!
  • Top File Finder FREE Deleting much larger files such as videos and items downloaded from file sharing networks is one of the most effective ways to free up some used hard drive space. The Top File Finder included in PowerBooster can find the top 100 largest files or latest modified files on your hard drive or the specified folders and review them for: Open, Delete, Move (to other locations) or (see) Properties.
  • Turbo Boost FREEIs your computer slow? Does it take forever to load? Turbo Boost enables you to restore your computer to its speed now! With Turbo Boost, you can optimize your computer for optimal performance and speed by disabling or stopping unnecessary or unwanted processes or services in there areas including System Services, Running Applications, and System Themes. You can also easily keep or edit your computer configurations.

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