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Give your Android mobile devices TOTAL protection from viruses and privacy “intruders” with Bitdefender Mobile Security! PC Security Labs heralded this cutting-edge app with a FIVE STAR AWARD, so you know you can trust it to keep your device, your information, and your privacy safe!
NEW! APP Lock feature! Blankets your most data-sensitive apps with an added layer of pin-coded security, to avoid exploitation!
Features at a glance:
– Malware Scanner – independently tested to detect 100% of the bad stuff
– Privacy Advisor- shows you how installed apps use, and possibly abuse, your personal information
– Web Security – protects you in real-time when browsing websites using Chrome and Android’s default browsers
– Anti-theft – features its own Web dashboard that allows you to send SMS commands, lock, track, and wipe your Android from any Internet-connected device
*Added detection for Master Key Vulnerability*

Bitdefender Mobile Security has a new Anti-theft, with web dashboard and SMS commands. The Anti-Theft module provides options to remotely locate, lock, wipe or send a message to the Android device.
Blanket your most data-sensitive apps with an added layer of security! App Lock lists all the apps installed on your phone, and allows you to easily pick and choose which ones you’d like to setup passcodes for… so the only one that accesses them up is you!
Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android uses the Bitdefender Cloud services to alert users, when browsing, about webpages that contain malware, phishing or fraudulent content.
Thanks to its cloud-based threat detection and top-of-the-line security services, Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android secures your browsing experience and prevents installation of malicious applications with virtually no battery life impact.
An on-demand scan may be run at any time to make sure that all the applications installed on the device or kept in the phone’s storage are legitimate and safe. Bitdefender Mobile Security will also make sure that the Android device stays clean by automatically scanning any application immediately after its install.

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Updated: 23.02.2016

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