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87018f73-0611-45c6-8706-a4a416b5540bHeimdal PRO is a perfect security solution for your PC, that will protect you from cyber attacks that bring second generation malware, keeping your data and finances protected. The program will keep your PC safe by updating your vulnerable applications silently and automatically, by scanning your Internet traffic and blocking threats before your system is compromised, and by detecting and stopping advanced malware before it reaches your system. With a low memory footprint, Heimdal PRO will not slow your system down and it will also work with any antivirus product.

Heimdal works proactively to shield your system:

  • From cyber threats that can steal your credentials (usernames, passwords, PIN codes, social security number, etc.) and send them to servers controlled by cyber criminals;
  • From cryptoware and ransomware threats that can encrypt your data and hold is hostage for ransom;
  • From cyber threats coming through your browser (malicious banners, infected websites, etc.);
  • From phishing attempts and malware that antivirus cannot detect or block.

Full price:$44.00
OFF price: FREE
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  1. Richard says

    I would like to try this software but it will not install on my windows 7 x 64 system. It keeps saying “running existing uninstaller”. I tried 10 times, but it won’t continue the installation.
    It is a fake software!!

  2. Eliza says

    Y para mí el mismo error (Windows 8 Pro – 64 bits)

  3. jaimy says

    Its say it supports Windows XP but Installer Does not Support XP, Even on their Registration they claim to support XP but i send Email to them for clarity they replied that XP & Vista Support is being dropped in Newer Version 2, so those who for specific reasons use XP or Vista try Version 1

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