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Jetico_Personal_FirewallJetico Personal Firewall software protects computers against hackers and malicious software when networked or connected to the Internet.
Jetico Personal Firewall offers:

  • Detailed and configurable event logs
  • Detailed and configurable reports
  • Option to view and edit the firewall configuration

The modular architecture is as open as possible to assist with easier evaluation of the security.

Click on the following features for more information:

  • Monitor Running Applications that Access the Network
  • Monitor Selected/all Network Packets as well as Selected Network Events
  • Choose a Pre-defined Security Policy — the Firewall Rule Set
  • Modify Security Policy to Meet your Needs
  • Make your own Security Policy

Jetico Personal Firewall outperforms other well known products: firewall test results with emphasis on HIPS

Highest protection level based on multi-level filtering

Jetico Personal Firewall establishes filters at multiple layers in the operating system. This allows the software to withstand all known attacks.

Fine tuned configuration

The firewall package contains several pre-built configurations to satisfy everyone’s needs.

Live configuration

Jetico Personal Firewall Configuration explorer displays effective configuration as well as rule activity indicators.

Low resources consumption

Jetico Personal Firewall is designed to be high-performance and small footprint software.

Open architecture

The entire firewall configuration is available for user inspection and modification. Firewall filtering functions are implemented by modules. Jetico Personal Firewall contains no hidden or compiled-in features.

Full price: €39.95
OFF price: FREE
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