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Once joyful and prosperous, the kingdom is frozen under a witch’s evil spell. The King, the Prince and many of their loyal subjects are trapped inside their own bewitched castle. To remove the curse and free your beloved land, you must race to find all seven magic seals before the Witch does! With the help of a friendly fairy and a cast of enchanted characters, solve puzzles and uncover hidden objects as you strive to save the kingdom.
The princess will need every ounce of cunning and intellect you can muster as you forge ahead through challenging puzzles and minigames, uncovering the Seven Seals and the mystical Fortune Dagger – the only weapon powerful enough to defeat the Witch! With your help, the land may thrive again, and with her kingdom put to right, Princess Vita may even become Queen!


  • Intriguing story line.
  • Combination of strategic and tactical view.
  • Picturesque scenes.
  • Lively characters.
  • Fascinating minigames and entangled puzzles

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