MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2013-Discount 50 %


MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2013 makes it easier than ever to get started in the world of video editing and features everything you need: Using the useful beginner mode and automatic wizards for image and sound you can create incredible movies in no time at all, even if you’re a complete novice.
Switch to the detail mode and edit your videos like a pro.
Your advantages:
Unique performance and output options
Optional beginner mode
Automatic video editing
Automatic audio dubbing
Automatic image optimization
Video editing on 32 tracks
Full HD support (HDV, AVCHD/60p)
Templates for effects and menus
Universal output options: Files, DVD, Blu-ray Disc, YouTube, Facebook etc.

  • NEW! Faster loading times, preview and output!
  • NEW! Improved timeline display with video and audio on one track
  • NEW! Support of the new video standard AVCHD Progressive (60p)
  • NEW! Faster AVCHD export with automatic graphics card recognition*
  • NEW! Improved user interface with quick access features
  • NEW! High-quality decorative elements and intro/outro templates
  • NEW! Fast and direct GPU calculation of all video effects
  • NEW! Completely new chroma key engine for perfect object extraction
  • NEW! Additional templates for professional movie trailersincluding music and menu templates**
  • NEW! Preview rendering for Stereo3D and multicam projects**
  • NEW! Automatic synchronization of multicam projects using the audio track**
  • over 40 new features and improvements!

Full price:  119
OFF price:  € 59,99

Save: 50%
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