Ocster 1-Click Backup-33% Discount


Backup as it should be: one click to set up, automatic afterwards. Backs up your whole computer and never disturbs your work (automatic pausing). You can access your files directly from the backup, or you can restore full hard disks.
The software also keeps multiple old backups of your data (you can choose how many), so you can easily retrieve files from the past or restore an older version of your hard disk.
Also included is a bootable rescue CD, so that you can restore your system even if it does not start anymore.

Just One Click

  • Set up your backup with a single mouse click
  • Settings are automatically detected (but can be customized)
  • Backs up your whole computer or individual drives

In the Background

  • Fully automatic backups
  • Automatic Pausing: never disturbs your normal work


  • Store on hard disk or network drive
  • Compression saves backup space
  • Automatic space management (no “compacting” required)

Author’s program description
Full price: €14,90 
OFF price: €9.90
Save: 33% = 5€

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