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System Cleaner is a computer cleanup and performance increase software that keeps your PC running in tip-top shape. 
Your PC needs an occasional tune-up just like your car does. Files become fragmented, disk caches fill up, the all-important Windows Registry gets disorganized and, before you know it, your PC starts letting you down when you need it the most.
But it doesn’t take much to fix them. All you have to do is download System Cleaner®, the premier software package that’s custom designed to get your Windows-based PC performing as if it were factory new, and you’re all set.
System Cleaner® takes care of all the common PC headaches that slow your system down and puts your data at risk from disk failure. It also takes care of many of the PC problems that other so-called tune-up programs ignore.
Full price: $49.95
OFF price:  FREE

Save: 100%
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