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Zoner-Photo-Studio-17-PROHave 10 or 10,000 photos organized and find that special image in an instant. Rate, tag and retrieve all the photos that are most important to you… instantly.
Connect your digital camera and Zoner Photo Studio will do the rest. You can also rename, backup and sort photos on-the-fly while importing.
Zoner Photo Studio has an extensive array of editing tools too. To mention just a few, there are quick fixes, levels, curves, colour temperature adjustment, exposure enhancement, sharpen, blur, chromatic aberration, barrel and pincushion fix and more.
Now you can edit information for multiple photos at once using the Information Pane. It’s also easier than ever to tag individual pictures.
The Catalog in Zoner Photo Studio 17 is better than ever before. Use it to browse and find all the photos in your collection fast, no matter where they are.


Key Features:


  • Photo Management
  • Quicker, easier work with our Compare Photos function
  • Automatic grouping of RAW and JPG files
  • Improved work with the Catalog—useful new sorting presets
  • Quick fulltext searching in folders
  • Maps and GPS
  • Intuitive map work, easy assignment of GPS coordinates to a photo
  • Automatic display of photos’ locations on a map, and of how many are at each location
  • Photo Editing
  • Content-aware resizing: adjustment of a picture’s size and aspect ratio that takes into account its important and unimportant parts
  • Editing controls are now all together in one place (the Side Panel) and have one look-and-feel
  • Side panel for Quick Edits
  • Clarity control
  • Vibrance control
  • Place Shape tool
  • Tilt-shift effect (simulation of miniatures and of depth of focus)
  • Quick Filters (quick black-and-white, Cross Process, Polaroid, retro, etc.)
  • Tone Mapping HDR
  • Damaged/Old Photo effect
  • Deform Tool, for free deformation of a picture
  • Fill with Surroundings—one-click retouching
  • Advanced noise removal
  • Optimization, Compatibility
  • Easier to use with touch screens
  • Works faster and better than before on computers with multi-core processors
  • GPU acceleration (GPGPU)
  • Export to the MPO, JPS, and PNS 3D formats
  • Automatic backups of the original versions of your pictures
  • Automatic folder synchronization
  • New Import module—easier downloading, more options, easy tagging during import
  • Photo Sharing
  • Automatic sharing on Facebook and Zonerama
  • Completely unlimited space for your photos on the Zonerama web galleries
  • Photos on your Zonerama albums can be edited right from inside the program
  • Easy management of Zonerama albums and their pictures from inside the program

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Zoner Photo Studio 17 Pro- FREE serial key


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